Foxy Brown // Sorry

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Midweek Playlist: 3/19/15

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Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to do something absolutely outrageous

  1. Veronica Falls – “Found Love In A Graveyard”
  2. Those Darlins – “Mystic Mind”
  3. Trailer Trash Tracys – “Dies In 55″
  4. unouomedude – “Frequency”
  5. Federale, Meghann Hegna – “Thirsty’s Return”
  6. White Lies – “Death”
  7. Radio Tehran – “Gelaye”
  8. Here We Go Magic – “Song In Three”
  9. Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations – “Oh, Look What The Sun Did!”
  10. David Axelrod – “Holy Thursday”
  11. Yumi Zouma – “Song For Zoe & Gwen”
  12. Hannah Lou Clark – “Silent Type”

Chargaux And Friends

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A smashing end to an otherwise difficult week battling weather and sickness. Thank you Amy, for taking the pic!

Blurry friends in the snow:


Midweek Playlist: 2/27/15

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Do I want to live in the Let Forever Be video? Jace I do.

  1. Prince – “The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker”
  2. Yumi Zouma – “Song For Zoe & Gwen”
  3. The Chemical Brothers – “Let Forever Be”
  4. Mozart’s Sister – “Salty Tear”
  5. Leon Bridges – “Better Man”
  6. Bibio – “Raincoat”
  7. Ricky Eat Acid – “Foxxx”
  8. Marika Hackman – “Bath Is Black”
  9. Lyla Foy – “Easy”
  10. Tomas Barfod – “Pulsing (feat. Nina K.)”
  11. Ace Frehley – “New York Groove”
  12. Little Dragon – “Klapp Klapp”

Leave Me Where I Am

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Monday nights are for:

  1. late night studio work in progress
  2. listening to the warehouse mice look for food
  3. reciting old sitcom lines

Keith Haring Goodbye Box

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Everyone should get a box of treats when they leave town for new frontiers. Thanks to KCMody, some LA-bound friends received a send-off in style, with a box packed full of San Francisco delicacies and accoutrements. The theme: I left my _____ in San Francisco! C’est parfait.

Keith Haring was *not* a Bay Area artist (whoops, maybe the De Young exhibition put that idea in my brain), but I thought his style would be great for the “bon voyage, change is hard, but new adventures await” theme we were going for.




Midweek Playlist: 2/19/15

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  1. Odetta – “Hit Or Miss”
  2. Nick Waterhouse – “This Is A Game”
  3. Boardwalk – “I’m To Blame”
  4. Melanie De Biasio – “The Flow”
  5. Kendra Morris – “Banshee”
  6. Jacqueline Taieb – “7 Hueres du Matin”
  7. Fela Kuti – “Zombie”
  8. Holly Golightly – “There’s An End”
  9. Medeski, Martin & Wood – “Shine It”
  10. William Onyeabor – “Fantastic Man”
  11. Father John Misty – “When You’re Smiling And Astride Me”
  12. Beck -”Ramshackle”

Rose Windows // Walkin’ With A Woman

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Rose Windows Band Photo

Something spooky to listen to as you peruse #Februwitchy

Midweek Playlist: 2/13/15

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It’s time to blossom and metamorphose, Midweek Playlist ®, in schedule (HELLO! it’s Friday) and form (adieu Youtube, hello Spotify). Although tried and true (and home to my entire MP back catalog), Youtube has a fleeting, frustrating shelf life. It’s like the wild west over there. At some point your little blog grows up and needs to settle down in the suburbs with something more stable/boring.

Theme de la semaine: more melancholy, soul-wrenching, gut-spilling, to-hell-and-back tunes than you can shake a stick at! Father John Misty being the most deliciously agonizing.

  1. Father John Misty – Bored In The USA
  2. Rose Windows – Wartime Lovers
  3. Quilt – Tie Up The Tides
  4. Cate le Bon – Are You With Me Now?
  5. Sharon Van Etten – Serpents
  6. Jessica Pratt – Night Faces
  7. Matthew E. White – Big Love
  8. Jherek Bischoff – Young & Lovely
  9. DM Stith – Pigs
  10. Rio en Medio – Mountains of the Moon
  11. Larkin Grimm – The Butcher
  12. Father John Misty – Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow