On Resolutions and the WordPress Challenge

Posted by: on Jan 5, 2011 | One Comment

The holiday season is over. And what a great season it was! Like, how great was that party?? SO great! How about all the awesome presents you got? And the New Year’s festivities! And how about little Kermy looking cute through it all?? Writing such touching letters to Craisin? Yeah. And now it’s gone.

New Year’s Day provides the denouement to the bloated descent into bacchanalian excess that begins post-Halloween. Holiday cheer is a drug, and to be cut off so suddenly can leave you feeling cold and empty, as the first couple weeks of January can easily attest. How should one deal with this? Sure, you can keep drowning yourself in egg nog and denial, but eventually the delirium tremens will kick in and you’ll have to find a legitimate way to move on. This is where resolutions come in.

Alright, folks – moving forward! Maybe the holidays are over, but a new year is beginning and dammit, let’s make the most of it! We’re not going to live forever!

New Year’s resolutions are undoubtedly the most polarizing of resolutions, both sides having their fair points. On the one hand, the start of a new year offers the luminous, exhilarating possibility of transformation. The procrastination and indulgences of the previous year seem to be washed away by the shining potential of a new chance to get ahead. Even though change is possible any day of the year, January 1st possesses that magical quality of tabula rasa that no other day can match.

On the other hand, however, expressing your goals to others or organizing them in list form is often the first step towards putting them off or completely dismissing them. There is something about verbalizing an aspiration that somewhere, deep in the recesses of your brain, registers as evidence that you have actually started to work towards that goal and allows the seed of procrastination to be planted. Expressing a resolution is not the same as actually working on it, but the distinction is often lost in our sad, predictable minds.

This year, WordPress has issued a challenge to bloggers to post something every day. As in, each time the earth completes a full rotation. Although this is probably unrealistic for some (*cough*this blog*cough*), the sentiment is great and I hope it inspires more great, original content from the blogosphere in 2011. The inevitable surge of posting in January will eventually taper off (as will the gym memberships), but I hope the call to posting is answered.

Despite the abovementioned risks associated with broadcasting a resolution, I hope to get involved with this challenge as well and spend less time in the reader and more time at the proverbial drawing board. Legacies aren’t born from how much content you consume. They’re born from how much great content you create. And cats. Especially content that involves cats.

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