Midweek Playlist: 4/27/11

Posted by: on Apr 28, 2011 | One Comment

If you’re not into country then you may need to brace yourself, as this has not one but TWO country ditties (though “Ohoopee River Bottomland” is technically “country soul”). Other standouts for me include “My Lonesome”, “Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone” and “Dolphins” (not simply because I love dolphins… it’s a good song).

    1. Two Wounded Birds – “My Lonesome”
    2. Galaxy Train – “Dolphins”
    3. My Pet Saddle – “Alaskan Sun”
    4. Frank Fairfield – “Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone” (Live on KEXP)
    5. Here We Go Magic – “Hands In The Sky”
    6. Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Is This Love?”
    7. Tulsa – “Shaker”
    8. Youth Lagoon – “Cannons”
    9. Larry Jon Wilson – “Ohoopee River Bottomland”
    10. Seapony – “With You”
    11. Merle Haggard – “Workin’ Man Blues”
    12. Feist – “My Moon, My Man”

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