Spotlighting: Summertime Kids

Posted by: on Apr 14, 2011 | No Comments

Already featured in the 2011 Summer Music Run-down, Summertime Kids, the project of Gainesville, Florida-based Nick Roberts, deserves further investigation.

Taking in Table Manners, Summertime Kids’ six song EP, I couldn’t help but hear a soundtrack to some of life’s more poignant, bittersweet moments. And Table Manners does feel incredibly like a soundtrack. The songs are mostly instrumental, with vocals on “Know” and “Rain on My Parade”. The tracks “JV” and “Storm the Station” feel like the part in the movie where the lost, empty protagonist has just figured out things aren’t so bad after all. It’s Zach Braff in Garden State, or Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

Though quiet and minimalist, Table Manners is explicit in the imagery it evokes. Of course that imagery will be different for everyone (listening to “Bed Time”, I can, for some reason, see a hungover Hunter S. Thompson waking up in the desert for a little hair of the dog and target practice… what?) but you’d be hard-pressed not to see anything. The melodies are delicate and reflective, perfect for a long drive or a quiet night in.

Check out Table Manners in full over at the Summertime Kids Bandcamp page. You can also follow Nick Robert’s other band, And the Giraffe, which will have two singles available this weekend as well as an album out in August.