Catchup Playlist! 6/6/11

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OK – Finally! The only excuse I have for not posting is that sometimes life gets crazy and the first thing to get cut is blogging. I know – that should be the LAST thing to get cut! Amirite? To make up for the painful absense of the Midweek Playlist, here is a double-playlist to get your week started off right. Standouts for me include many, although “Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)” has been on repeat for several days now. “Souls of Gold” might also change your life just a little bit. Enjoy! 

    1. James Irwin – “Blue Dust”
    2. Chad VanGaalen – “Sara”
    3. Alexander – “Glimpses”
    4. Youth Lagoon – “July”
    5. Baths – “Nightly, Daily”
    6. Love Inks – “Rock On” 
    7. Sister Crayon – “Souls of Gold”
    8. Phosphorescent – “Tell My Baby (Have You Had Enough)”
    9. Cowboy and Indian – “Time and Money”
    10. Bernard Chabert – “Il Part en Californie”
    11. Thundercat – “For Love I Come”
    12. White Denim – “I’d Have It Just the Way We Were”
    13. So Many Wizards – “Fly a Kite”
    14. Mount Moriah – “Only Way Out”
    15. Big Sambo and the House Wreckers – “The Rains Came”
    16. Balam Acab – “See Birds”
    17. The Rolling Stones – “We Love You”
    18. Timber Timbre – “Woman”
    19. Jacqueline Taieb – “7 Huere du Matin”
    20. Giraffage – “A Bird In Hand”
    21. The Elected – “Babyface”
    22. Midlake – “Roscoe”
    23. Daniel Romano – “Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)”
    24. Shoreline Is  – “I’d Hear the Clouds Move”  

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