Midweek Playlist: 2/13/15

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It’s time to blossom and metamorphose, Midweek Playlist ®, in schedule (HELLO! it’s Friday) and form (adieu Youtube, hello Spotify). Although tried and true (and home to my entire MP back catalog), Youtube has a fleeting, frustrating shelf life. It’s like the wild west over there. At some point your little blog grows up and needs to settle down in the suburbs with something more stable/boring.

Theme de la semaine: more melancholy, soul-wrenching, gut-spilling, to-hell-and-back tunes than you can shake a stick at! Father John Misty being the most deliciously agonizing.

  1. Father John Misty – Bored In The USA
  2. Rose Windows – Wartime Lovers
  3. Quilt – Tie Up The Tides
  4. Cate le Bon – Are You With Me Now?
  5. Sharon Van Etten – Serpents
  6. Jessica Pratt – Night Faces
  7. Matthew E. White – Big Love
  8. Jherek Bischoff – Young & Lovely
  9. DM Stith – Pigs
  10. Rio en Medio – Mountains of the Moon
  11. Larkin Grimm – The Butcher
  12. Father John Misty – Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddamn Thirsty Crow