#ALLMYMOVIES: “Sincerity Is The New Punk Rock”

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The NewHive interview for #ALLMYMOVIES is well worth a read. Some great tidbits from Shia LaBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö & Luke Turner:

Turner: We don’t want to intellectualize performance art. What we’re doing, we don’t even call it art, we just call it projects. The point is that it hits you, it hits you here, you don’t even have to be able to articulate it. Sure the theory and everything is great. I understand giving it a language, deconstructing it, working out what’s going on. But you don’t need that to experience it.

LaBeouf: The movie world is just as elitist. I get emails from people in the movie world, people telling me, “You gotta maintain mystery.”…but truth will always find its way out there. Sincerity is the new punk rock.

Turner: We don’t add any art shit waffle talk.

Rönkkö: One of the most interesting parts of the show for me was Even Stevens, because that’s not my childhood. I didn’t know the show before meeting Shia, like two years ago. The room went crazy during that movie and just the atmosphere of the room made me so happy and feeling connected to everyone. Sometimes there were a few moments where I was like, “Wait why am I laughing?” This is not even funny, but it is because everyone’s laughing. I was nostalgic because everyone else was nostalgic. I was feeling the feelings with them and through them.

LaBeouf: When the movies started getting shit and they knew that I felt it too, it was the shared secret that we all had…not just because I’m in it…I’m in the same boat as you, I’m a viewer in this and this is hard for me to watch too. In fact, I’m gonna go take a nap ‘cause I hate myself, not ‘cause I’m tired, but because I’m dying right now. And nobody had a problem with that. When I woke up an hour later and watched Transformers 2 they could feel when I sunk in my seat. That’s not a performative thing. That’s me going through some kind of crisis. And I’m not the only one. I remember right before I fell asleep I looked next to me and the guy next to me was falling asleep.