American Muscle

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Not completely satisfied with font choices and overall vibe of this, but happy to have finished up all these delightful pony cars! Finding seemingly accurate stats was also difficult, so all cited info should maybe be taken with a grain of salt.

Emoji Films: The Shining

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How can you not have an ax emoji?! Or a tidal wave of blood? It’s criminal.


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Leave Me Where I Am

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Monday nights are for:

  1. late night studio work in progress
  2. listening to the warehouse mice look for food
  3. reciting old sitcom lines

Keith Haring Goodbye Box

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Everyone should get a box of treats when they leave town for new frontiers. Thanks to KCMody, some LA-bound friends received a send-off in style, with a box packed full of San Francisco delicacies and accoutrements. The theme: I left my _____ in San Francisco! C’est parfait.

Keith Haring was *not* a Bay Area artist (whoops, maybe the De Young exhibition put that idea in my brain), but I thought his style would be great for the “bon voyage, change is hard, but new adventures await” theme we were going for.

Take What You Need And Leave The Rest

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But they should neveeeeer, have taken the very best…” Pretty much the best song by the Band.