Happiest is He Who Has Peace in His Home

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It’s so true. Watercolor illustration may soon be up in the Able+Baker shop…

Home Is Where The Art Is

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This is the latest iteration of a project I’ve been working on for Able + Baker. Jen came up with the idea, and I’ve been trying to find a simple but playful way to represent it. The font is Quicksand and is F-R-E-E.

Pharaoh Phaucet at GAMH

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Sometimes the best concerts are never meant to be. In this case, the stellar lineup of Phat Battery, Hot Tub Love Spell and the game-changing Pharaoh Phaucet can only be accessed in our collective imagination. Maybe GAMH will reconsider this show after seeing the poster…

Flowchart: What Country Song Best Describes Your Life

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Country music has its finger on the pulse of many overriding life themes, including patriotism, alcoholism and depression. Find out your country anthem with this handy flowchart.

Sweet Tunes

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Assembling a decent setup for listening to records took me a lot longer than it should have. It turns out there are a lot of key pieces involved besides a turntable. I need speakers? And a receiver? And something on which these items can rest?

In my case, I got the turntable from a very generous friend, the receiver from an amazing (if earthquake unfriendly) shop, and the table from a random street corner about a block from my apartment. I really hope someone wasn’t moving.

This painting is meant to commemorate this too-long assembly process. It should be available on the Able + Baker website soon, and prints will also be on hand at Unique LA this weekend.


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Finally finished this illustration… it’s the third in my series of cityscapes. Each one is loosely influenced on a particular region, so I guess this is the “Russia” scape. I’d be interested to know if it reminds anyone of a different part of the world, though.

Important Questions

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I finally got around to finishing this project: a set of interview questions.

Last fall my job at the Lawrence Hall of Science ended, and I was forced to enter the sometimes formidable, often confounding and always esteem-crushing world of the job hunt. Graveling for work is not easy or fun, but it did give me a chance to observe, repeatedly, my interviewer struggle just as much as myself. Much to my complete amazement, all the stereotypical interview questions – the ones you’ve heard in every movie and sitcom for your entire life – are, well… still in heavy rotation.