Midweek Playlist: 1/7/15

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  1. Caribou – “Silver”
  2. Cheeseburger – “Comin’ Home”
  3. Nicki Minaj – “Favorite”
  4. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – “Aubergine”
  5. FKA Twigs – “Lights On”
  6. The Night VI – “Sienna”
  7. SOAK – “B a noBody”
  8. Nina Simone – “The Desperate Ones”
  9. Empress Of – “No Means No”
  10. Vince Staples – “Blue Suede”
  11. Joel Alme – “If You Got Somebody Waiting”
  12. Dwight Yoakum – “I’d Avoid Me Too”

Midweek Playlist: 12/23/14

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  1. Gonjasufi – “The Blame”
  2. So Many Wizards – “Lose Your Mind”
  3. Foxygen – “In The Darkness”
  4. Rubblebucket – “Came Out Of A Lady”
  5. HONNE – “Warm On A Cold Night”
  6. The Exciters – “Say It With Love”
  7. Donnie Trumpet ft. Vic Mensa – “Pasadena”
  8. Shuggie Otis – “Sweet Thang”
  9. Girlpool – “Jane”
  10. The Shangri-Las – “Past, Present, Future”
  11. Mr. Twin Sister – “Out Of The Dark”
  12. Touch Sensitive – “Pizza Guy”

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Midweek Playlist: 4/27/11

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If you’re not into country then you may need to brace yourself, as this has not one but TWO country ditties (though “Ohoopee River Bottomland” is technically “country soul”). Other standouts for me include “My Lonesome”, “Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone” and “Dolphins” (not simply because I love dolphins… it’s a good song).

    1. Two Wounded Birds – “My Lonesome”
    2. Galaxy Train – “Dolphins”
    3. My Pet Saddle – “Alaskan Sun”
    4. Frank Fairfield – “Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone” (Live on KEXP)
    5. Here We Go Magic – “Hands In The Sky”
    6. Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Is This Love?”
    7. Tulsa – “Shaker”
    8. Youth Lagoon – “Cannons”
    9. Larry Jon Wilson – “Ohoopee River Bottomland”
    10. Seapony – “With You”
    11. Merle Haggard – “Workin’ Man Blues”
    12. Feist – “My Moon, My Man”

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Midweek Playlist: 4/20/11

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I CANNOT stop listening to Twin Sister. If Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, New Buffalo, and Echo and the Bunnymen had a musical lovechild, I think it would sound a lot like “Meet the Frownies”. Also how did Margo Guryan only recently creep into my itunes, my life? “Sunday Morning” sounds like French 60s pop but I swear it was Made in America.

    1. Margo Guryan – “Sunday Morning”
    2. Man Man – “Life Fantastic”
    3. The Main Ingredient – “Magic Shoes”
    4. Twin Sister – “Meet the Frownies”
    5. DM Stith – “Pity Dance”
    6. Purity Ring – “Lofticries”
    7. Gardens and Villa – “Black Hills”
    8. The Middle East – “Hunger Song”
    9. Vacationer – “Trip”
    10. Canadian Winter – “City Lights”
    11. Deer Tick – “Friday XIII”
    12. The Beach Boys – “The Warmth of the Sun”

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Midweek Playlist: 4/13/11

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Woah, more Oregon Bike Trails! Yeah, between OBT, Lord Huron and Monster Rally, I’m really feeling like a trip to Hawaii is in order. This week has been (and will continue to be) very music heavy IRL, with one killer show down and one to go (reviews are coming..). Besides the aforementioned beachy tunes, I’m getting really into My Friend Wallis. Very fun kitchen dancing music.

    1. King Khan and The Shrines – “Que Lindo Sueño”
    2. Memory Tapes – “Today Is Our Life”
    3. Those Darlins – “Screws Get Loose”
    4. Waylon Jennings – “Big Mammou”
    5. My Friend Wallis – “Be Free”
    6. Monster Rally – “Maori Mai”
    7. Ezra Koenig – “Papa Hobo”
    8. Timber Timbre – “Black Water”
    9. Dirty Gold – “California Sunrise”
    10. Grant Green – “Ease Back”
    11. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Thought Ballune”
    12. Oregon Bike Trails – “High School Lover”

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Midweek Playlist: 4/6/11

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Some old, some new here. One that I’m pretty obsessed with is “Swimsuit”, though. The genius of Oregon Bike Trails comes from singer/songwriter Zach Yudin, out of Santa Monica. You can listen to another track, “A Summer Thing“, at the website. How did summer suddenly become so trendy anyway? Post on that to come…

    1. Oregon Bike Trails – “Swimsuit”
    2. The Builders and the Butchers – “Black Dresses”
    3. Ennui – “Coconino”
    4. The Dap-Kings – “Nervous Like Me”
    5. AgesandAges – “No Nostalgia”
    6. Big Boi – “Shine Blockas (ft. Gucci Mane)”
    7. Best Coast – “Sun Was High (So Was I)”
    8. Breathe Owl Breathe – “Across the Loch”
    9. Acrylics – “Sparrow”
    10. Neko Case – “John Saw That Number”
    11. Joanna Newsom – “Good Intentions Paving Company”
    12. Reading Rainbow – “Wasting Time”

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Just for fun, here are the lyrics to “Swimsuit”, as best KM and I can decipher them:

Cut off the coast of Mexico
Offshore wind and undertow
In a beat up sailboat anchor down
You and I baby no one else around
Broken beer bottles all across the floor
Swimsuit calendar on the door
Saw Tiffany talking to her best friend
I wonder if I’m ever gonna see you again

Ooooh yeah, c’mon c’mon, faster faster
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Ooooh now slow it down
It’s got me feeling like eeehhhhhh

Fix the antennae on the TV
Hit the side of it if it stops working
The waves knocked over my weed and I
Woke up screaming in the middle of the night

Tell me where I’m going
Maybe it’s better, there’s no way of knowing now
Towards the end of May
And you’ve been gone now about a hundred days
And it turned out to be such a bummer
Cause you ended up gone for the summer

Underwater garden and too much fun
I asked if it was down there, you said no
French navy and Italian espionage
At least that’s what I think I saw

I did a backflip baby from 20 feet high
I only messed up a couple hundred times
You wanna race? Ok, ready, set, go
I got a life boat, you got a row boat

C’mon c’mon, faster faster
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Ooooh now it’s busted up
It’s got me feeling like eeehhhhh

Proper leadership is going down
Washed out book bag, leather bound
Crawling on my scraped up hands and knees
Cargo shorts and cotton tees

Tell me where I’m going
Maybe it’s better, there’s no way of knowing
Towards the end of May
And you’ve been gone now about a hundred days
And it turned out to be such a bummer
Cause you ended up gone for the summer

Midweek Playlist: 3/30/11

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Ok, OK. This is not midweek! I admit it. For consistency’s sake I’m not changing the moniker, though. Tracks to pay special attention to: “Lover’s Carvings”, “Big River”, “Prophecy” (best use of “Jesus Christ Superstar” lyrics ever), and “Mountain Jam”. Hey it’s the weekend already!

    1. The Secret Sisters with Jack White – “Big River”
    2. M.Ward – “Chinese Translation”
    3. Adam & the Amethysts – “Prophecy”
    4. Grimes – “Vanessa”
    5. Eternal Summers – “Prisoner”
    6. Volcano Choir – “Island, IS”
    7. Jeremiah Nelson – “Skin to Touch”
    8. MOTHS – “Summer”
    9. Bill Callahan – “Baby’s Breath”
    10. Jeffertitti’s Nile – “Mountain Jam”
    11. Sharon Van Etten – “Peace Signs”
    12. Bibio – “Lover’s Carvings”

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Midweek Playlist: 3/23/11

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This. Playlist. Is. Awesome. “Truth” might be the best song of 2011. I know it’s early to say that, but take a listen and I think you’ll agree. Also loving Megafaun’s “Volunteers” and Lord Huron’s “Mighty”.

    1. Alexander – “Truth”
    2. Deerhunter – “Coronado”
    3. North Mississippi Allstars – “Po Black Maddie”
    4. Atlas Sound – “Quarantined”
    5. The Growlers – “Average Man”
    6. Lord Huron – “Mighty”
    7. J. Irvin Dally – “Sun Room”
    8. James Vincent McMorrow – “This Old Dark Machine”
    9. Megafaun – “Volunteers”
    10. The Luyas – “Too Beautiful to Work”
    11. The Whitest Boy Alive – “Burning”
    12. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – “Nothing But Our Love”

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Midweek Playlist: 3/16/11

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Woah! Due to being knocked out by the flu (or similar virus), last week there was no midweek playlist. But that just means this week’s playlist is extra fantastic. Standouts for me are “I Want You”, “Horses” and “Vanessa From Queens”.

    1. jj – “New Work”
    2. Toubab Krewe – “Area Code”
    3. Wye Oak – “Civilian”
    4. Sharon Van Etten – “Love More”
    5. High Highs – “Horses”
    6. Sleep Over – “Casual Diamond”
    7. The Miracles Club – “A New Love”
    8. Millionyoung – “Replicants”
    9. Summer Camp – “I Want You”
    10. Therapies Son – “Touching Down”
    11. Destroyer – “Looter’s Follies”
    12. Stephen Malkmus – “Vanessa From Queens”

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Midweek Playlist: 3/2/11

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So I wanted to write off this week’s blogging as a wash, but the music blogo-tuno-sphere clearly thought differently. Though tUnE-yArDs’ “Bizness” is my favorite find of the week, I still can’t get over Stone Darling covering “Can You Get to That”… only wish they’d cover the rest of Maggot Brain.

    1. tUnE-yArDs – “Bizness”
    2. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “40 Day Dream”
    3. Stone Darling – “Can You Get to That”
    4. Dri – “Two Are One”
    5. The Dodos – “Don’t Stop”
    6. Telekinesis – “Car Crash”
    7. Wires Under Tension – “Electricity Turns Them On”
    8. Wild Nothing – “Golden Haze”
    9. Dolly Parton – “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy”
    10. The Soft Moon – “Breathe the Fire”
    11. The Avett Brothers – “Laundry Room”
    12. Broken Social Scene – “Hallmark”

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