Vogue 1321: Donna Karan Misses’ Coat

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After months of work this coat is finally done.. Vogue 1321 was a huge project with many challenges. Between muslin-making, finding the right fabric, lining and finishing touches I was worried it would be spring before this was finished.

Luckily, everything came together in a semi-legit fashion:

Almost all seams in 1321 are lapped (the raw edge of the overlapping seam is exposed), so any fabric that frays will not work. The recommended fabrics were boiled wool or lightweight melton – both expensive and hard to find. After searching the cheaper fabric stores around town, I finally broke down and went to Britex. They had a decent selection of fabrics that would work, although most were dark, fall colors. I went with a grey-brown Italian wool. If I made this again, I would probably just use regular seams and expand my fabric possibilities.

Lining was a pain. Boiled wool and lightweight melton are not fabrics that easily slide on and off. Although the pattern did not include any lining (except for the pockets) I decided to go for it anyway. This resulted in much agony and frustration while trying to figure out how to attach it, but ultimately I think it was worth it.

This coat is described as “very loose-fitting” – they’re not kidding. I probably would have gone with a size smaller had I known just *how* loose it would be. Vogue pattern sizes are notoriously large. Although it looks great belted, it starts looking like a graduation gown or monk’s robe when it’s hanging loose.

Pattern photos:

Vogue V8766 + Anthropologie’s “Open-Air Theater Dress”

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For this dress I ended up modifying the original pattern slightly, and adding some decorative elements on the bodice.  V8766 by Vogue is a classic bodice + skirt in a handful of variations.  I choose to go with “F”, a shorter skirt with long sleeves. Anthropologie’s “Open-Air Theater Dress” is similar in shape to V8766, and has a fantastic ornamental design on the front.

The “Open-Air Theater Dress”:

Vogue V8766:

Alterations: Besides decorating the bodice, the two main changes I made were shortening both the sleeve and skirt length. The long sleeves plus longish skirt make this dress look a little too matronly.

Halloween 2011: Dragonfly

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