Sub Focus // Turn Back Time

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And, it’s a crime that this book is just a prop:


Emoji Films: The Shining

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How can you not have an ax emoji?! Or a tidal wave of blood? It’s criminal.


On Mumfordization

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Scott King’s Take on the state of popular culture in America:

Earlier this year you made a print bearing the slogan “Stop! Mumford And Sons”. What’s your opinion of the band?

They are shit. They represent everything that is wrong with this country today. They are a bunch of public schoolboys pretending to be hillbillies aren’t they? I think that’s quite funny, Etonians taking on bluegrass or Woody Guthrie or whatever they imagine they are doing – the sons of investment bankers taking a genre that was explicitly about poverty and making it into a multi-million pound phenomena. This whole country is slowly being Mumfordised. Even places like Margate now have a Mumford Quarter that sells lattes, vintage posters and rustic lunches. Everything presented as ‘real’ and ‘authentic’- real ale, hand cut chips – gastro pubs stuffed with broken furniture on stripped wooden floors – everything ‘hand reared’ and localised – you can no longer buy mussels, cod, pork or crab in these pubs – only Shetland Isle Mussels, Peterhead Cod, Suffolk Pork and Dorset Crab. There is an overwhelming folksy, middle class, twee faux-local attitude that means many urban areas are rebranding themselves as ‘villages’: people in cities lusting after allotments, going to farmer’s markets in their wellies – the Mumfords are the house band for this desire to create the rural idyll in cities. Bring back The Wurzels, I say. The Wurzels were much better than Mumford & Sons.

Midweek Playlist: 5/7/2015

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The nastiest, funkiest playlist yet…

  1. Funkadelic – “Can You Get To That”
  2. Parliament – “(You’re a Fish And I’m A) Water Sign”
  3. Sly & The Family Stone – “Underdog”
  4. Rick James – “Mary Jane”
  5. Bootsy Collins – “Bootzilla”
  6. Funkadelic – “I’ll Stay”
  7. Betty Davis – “They Say I’m Different”
  8. The Bar-Kays – “Son Of Shaft”
  9. The Dramatics – “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”
  10. Lyn Collins – “Think (About It)”
  11. Parliament – “Chocolate City”
  12. Mandrill – “Mandrill”

Funkadelic // P.E. Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers)

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music to get your shit together by

Fats Waller & Ada Brown // That Ain’t Right

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What is the matter with you? One never knows, do one…

Midweek Playlist: 4/23/15

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Reggae edition! Mek we dweet an everyting is irie ♥

  1. The Slickers – “Johnny Too Bad”
  2. The Tennors – “Weather Report”
  3. The Kingstonians – “Singer Man”
  4. Roy Shirley – “Hold Them”
  5. Ken Parker – “I Can’t Hide”
  6. Ken Boothe – “Everything I Own”
  7. Bob Andy, Mad Professor – “Dubbing Home”
  8. Delroy Wilson – “Better Must Come”
  9. The Melodians – “Sweet Sensation”
  10. Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Selassie Is The Chapel”
  11. Burning Spear – “Hail H.I.M.”
  12. The Abyssinians – “Satta Massa Gana”


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