Breaktionary Vol. 4

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Another forgotten gem (at least, forgotten by me): DJ QBert’s Breaktionary Vol. 4!  So much 70s goodness here.

Side A:

1:04 – Ludovic Decosne & Pierre Daubresse – Gloaming
1:26 – Grand Central Station – The Jam
2:17 – Thunder & Lightning – Bumpin’ Bus Stop
2:53 – Daly Wilson Big Band – Theme From SWAT
4:35 – Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
8:44 – Clarence Wheeler – Right On

Side B:

2:57 – James Brown – Funky Drummer
4:30 – Billy Garner – I Got Some

The amazon description is hilarious, given I’ve only ever used this as funky background music:

Get the music used by DJ Qbert for breakdance battles (as seen in the latest Freestyle Session DVD) with the 4-album Breaktionary set featuring over 250 rare funk breaks one after another at the same user friendly tempo. Avoid carrying tons of crates to a jam, just grab doubles of each record and get loose just like “Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Muzik”! Rock the true school hip-hop on the turntables and sample the rawest beats onto your drum machines and music programs. As an added bonus, the cover features work by world famous artist, D23 (Damon Soule).